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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  August 22, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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caroline that beat atlanta handily in charlott last year. they had them bet in atlanta if you remember that game. they swept new orleans and tampa bay swept carolina. you can't figure anything out. throw the records out. when they play in the nfc south, young quarterback in carolina, young quarterback in tampa. and the reason matt ryan, two of the best in football, look out. >> mike: no time-outs remaining. and to the 40. and baltimore cannot stop it. panthers will end their preseason against the steelers thursday night. one week from tonight. and after that, comes the difficult part, the second cut that come, get down to 75 before the next game and try to work your roster and trades, moves, i
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can use an extra receiver and once you get to 53, try to get the eight players for the practice squad and the first meeting, you have the 61 guys there in the room. that's the group that you will begin the battle with. inside a minute. remind thaw "sportscenter" is coming up next. a lot of nfl talk and conversation. matthew staff fords and the lions in action against the new england. and tony romo, the seahawks, jaws is there, tim hasselbeck, matthew berry, they are breaking it down and sideline sounds from jim harbaugh miked up, thaul and more on "sportscenter" and a complete day in baseball and all the other news that happened.
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>> jon: here comes a block. >> mike: panthers with a delay of game here, 26 seconds go. >> referee: five-yard penalty, remains fourth down. >> jon: a 5'6" receiver on one side, streeter, number 11. tommy streeter. see if he can get the corner and lay out with his long arms and block one. >> mike: jordan gay, quickly awarriors and taken by jackson. who had a good quick return last week for the ravens and jackson, brought town at the 47. with 13 seconds left, gives the ravens a couple shots down here. and mentioned, tyrod taylor, taken to the locker room for a concussion test and that means that caleb hanie, the famous moment in the nfc championship
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game, and the third straight quarterback, hanie came n went 13-20 and nearly brought the bears back at soldier field against the packers. inactive third quarterback in denver last year. and throws to the tight end out of maryland, matt firstenberg, out of bounds. >> jon: you get a gabe gain and a clock stoppage and now you're in your zip code. you have a chance to reach the end zone. see what hanie does. >> mike: a few more yards there. instended for williams and four seconds remaining in the game. >> jon: no choice here but to air one out the play you practice in training camp. it's a situation you want to get on film. your plays can all learn from.
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a hail mary hitt last year in seattle. mike, you tleab play? >> mike: yeah, just a little. a failed mary. here we are, the final play of the game and hanie. loading. throwing and it ends up in the air and knock it down. tom jackson always yells. it gets knocked down and the ball game is over. carolina wins 34-27. thanks to the group monday night crew. guys cover three preseason games here in eight days. the terrific crew. we are ready for the opener in 2 1/2 weeks in washington and philly. and rg3. we look forward to see ug then. with jon gruden and lisa salters, mike tirico. so long from baltimore. don't touch the remote. here "sportscenter."
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news tonight at 11:00. >> our big story tonight, a sex abuse investigation at a recreation center has evolved into more. >> the mother of a victim is speaking publicly tonight as questions are raised about the suspect who was facing juvenile charges. george lettis is live with that story. good evening. >> one of the questions is where is that teenager? the boy has gone awol. that is not all. >> two weeks ago, a parent of a young girl who went to summer camp this year at the carol cook rec center told this woman about
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something that happened to both of their daughters at cam. wasmy daughter inappropriately touched by a young boy that works there at the rec center. >> she went to her daughter. quite she told me that i was -- something did happen. she was scared to tell me. >> police charge the 16-year-old boy on sex abuse and assault. a judge ordered him to stay at a shelter. tonight, the boy went awol from the shelter, which is not a secure facility. juvenile services confirmed there is a warrant out for his arrest. that is all that this woman has learned about the boy. >> he was on probation while working at the rec center. >> an employee said she could not comment on the story/ numerous attempts to speak with the recreation and parks
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department were unsuccessful. police say the boys position at the rec center and how he got the job is part of an ongoing investigation the whole experience has taught this -- investigation. >> i'm going to ask who is taking care of my kids. i want to make sure i know everyone before i place my kids and their hands. >> a rec center volunteer form says that all volunteers and staff who work directly with kids must undergo a background check with police. could not comment on the case. we do not know if the boy passed the check. >> thank you. an emotional day in a high school after an assistant coach was killed in a crash in davidsonville road. patricia cunningham was on a bicycle when she collided with a honda odyssey van.
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the driver of the van was not injured. cunningham was an assistant track coach and cross-country coach at the school. while classes do not begin until next monday, if counselors were onand for athletes practicing. >> a suspect in police custody in connection with the july 17 shooting deaths of dante stevens and baltimore county. charles jackson has been charged with first-degree murder for helping plan the attack and driving the getaway car. lee say he should was shot -- police say don't say stevens was shot documents, woods was an acquaintance of the girlfriend's daughter. >> police are best getting what may be a string of burglaries. the suspects dressed like utility workers and try to get access to homes.
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>> we certainly a cautioning people in the area to be extremely cautious about giving access to your home to someone who says they are utility worker or representative of any company. >> investigators believe a small group of men is behind the scam wearing construction hats, telling homeowners do they need access to basements. the ball girls have gotten away with expensive diamond rings. we know the identity of the woman who was killed in a hit- and-run cash -- crash in pasadena. samantha was walking on bayside beach road around 5:00 tuesday evening. a car hit her and the driver kept going. lisa looking for an older mercedes. -- police are looking for an older mercedes. it may have visible damage on the hood and the red headlight
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area. man allegedly wanted to record a dog fight. he is facing charges of assault and animal cruelty. he is charged with training a dog for a dogfight. police say that he was walking his pit bull late tuesday night without a leash. eyewitnesses say he ordered his dog to attack a labrador when the owner tried to break up the fight. the man in the dock are expected to recover. police sayte case, potentially rabid dog attack young children and their babysitter. investigators say it escaped its owners yard. said the dogr attacked.
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animal control is investigating. >> ravens fans might want to throw the penalty fly because of a traffic snafu. while for kenny police say trash truck hit wires -- to ares fans we spoke not thrilled about the situation. >> i have been waiting here for the train since 5:00. they are not good at communicating. hopefully we will get to one for the stadium. >> it is usually dependable. it hasn't quite worked out today. >> buses have been shuttling passengers and will continue until the power is restored. we invite you to tune in tomorrow for the morning traffic update. >> your team is usually judged on how well it performs during
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the third preseason game. a tough loss tonight at home to carolina. a tough game for joe flacco and the ravens. yards. ouch. carolina winds 34-27. we will have much more in sports. that brings us to our text question of the day. we asked to which regular season game are you much looking forward to? 16% say the season opener. 70% say the steelers game. 70% says the afc championship rematch/ you can text your pick. standard rates apply. >> the ravens are prepping for the regular season. the other powerhouse is looking for another year of postseason magic.
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season-ticket holders should look for these packets filled with 2013 postseason invoices. they are badly for a spot in the playoffs. you have the playoffs. you have to reserve your seat for a run now. staff members assembled the package today. the deadline is september 6. tickets will go on sale in september. >> a new look at the statehouse in annapolis. i push fo -- a push for a standard ground law. mcdonough says marilyn needs the statue to enhance public safety. >> we're going to introduce legislation in the gnu recession of the general assembly to create a stand your ground law in maryland which is the strongest form of protection for crime victims and potential
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crime victims. >> he concedes his proposal has no chance of getting out of committee. he says he hopes to at least have a debate on the issue. >> there appears to be new life at the old gm factory. a dev of our wants to convert the site into a massive distribution center that would employ 2600 workers. according to the baltimore sun, the city council approved a measure that would reduce costs associated with construction. the state is kicking in more than $.5 million to develop it. >> collington road trip go together like peanut butter and jelly. president obama took advantage of those topics today. he kicked off a bus tour, talking about the cost of tuition. the president unveiled a plan for a rating system or colleges. the department of education
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would rank schools based on financial value and use the ratings as a basis for doling out federal financial aid. under the proposal, students at a high rated school get larger grants and more affordable loans. the president wants to tie financial aid to student progress, requiring coursework to be created before eight is extended. >> the bottom line is, if you are getting financial aid, you are doing your part to make progress towards a degree. that is good for you. if you take out debt and you do not get that degree, you are not going to be able to pay out that that -- out that debt. >> the goal is to have college value ratings published before the 2013 school year. you know when to fold them, you will want to know where you will have new poker tables to walk away from.
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after you win $10 million at poker, where to drop it all in one place on one tiny piece of jewelry. >> just fishing for crabs, but did these fishermen have much more in store. away from theayed ravens. there are showers on doppler. they check that out him enough. -- we check that out coming up.
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>> poker players, we have a peek at the 15,000 square foot two- story poker room and maryland live casino. one of the largest in the country. it is expected to bring in $1 million in revenue each month. >> this is a huge poker market. they have had to travel all over the country in the region to play. now they will be able to stay home and bring in players from all over the country. >> it is set to open next wednesday. the focus games that will go on for hours, each has charging
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stations for cell phones. >> and original van gogh. you can find that along with pieces by norman rockwell and antiwar halt at the baltimore summer antiques show going on now. 30 vendors from different ring with and a rare a $9.8 million price tag. >> this show represents anything you could ever possibly want to see in your lifetime. you can travel to different countries, you can go back in time. you can pick up something that belonged to a british royal. >> an important tip. wear your walking shoes. there is a lot of ground to cover. the show runs through sunday. >> $9 million bring. >> it is the big diamond.
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>> if you say so. a fisherman -- when you endp catching eight-foot bull sharks, that is not possible. you need a forklift. they had to call in equipment after fishermen count -- caught to sharks in the potomac. they weighed more than 200 pounds. the net is just offshore my popular beach -- the net is just offshore from a popular beach. >> i am not familiar with the potomac. that is impressive. i'm not going swimming today. >> what did he say? there hassay that never been a reported shark attack in maryland history.
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>> the wheels on the bus may go round and round, but when it happens, when one is struck by lightning, take a look. a camera mounted inside a school bus captured those images yesterday after striking a tree, a lightning bolt ricocheted and struck a school bus. students say they heard an explosion. of the bushin inches pretty tree in the bus were the only thing damage. a nurse was sent to the scene. everyone was fine. spectacular set of waterfalls. this is the impact of a typhoon. a dam spillway was open. blamed for 18 deaths in the philippines. it slammed into china early today.
11:25 pm
with tomur forecast tasselmyer. >> a few scattered showers here. no big storms to talk about. there were some lightning strikes on the eastern shore. there are storms rumbling through. staying away from the ravens game. it was a humid day. 91 degrees. six degrees warmer than what is average for this time of year. it was the 20th time that we have hit 90 or higher. officially, that is down from last year total. 32 days as of last year. last year we had several in the 100s. we are way below last year. hot days of baltimore this summer. it is muggy out there now. carroll county.
11:26 pm
holding in the 60s and western maryland. no storms in the media facility. -- no storms in the immediate facility. these are going to continue to drift to the south and east overnight in the morning tomorrow. they are lined up along the cold front will bring us release. tonight stays warm. by morning, 68 in the suburbs. the front that is going to bring us release is the leading edge of cool air. herecool air gets beginning tomorrow afternoon and evening. it settles in for the upcoming weekend. a drop in the temperature and humidity levels behind this front needs the week and will be more comfortable. there may be storms along the front as it tracks the.
11:27 pm
we will hold onto a chance for a shower in the morning tomorrow. skies will begin to clear and be less humid as the wind shifts to the northwest, the front moving by. winship to the north on the bay with waves round of foot. high tide at fort mchenry. weern maryland, activity coming in tonight. more tomorrow morning. once the front moves by, fall air moves in for the weekend. eastern shore, kind of muggy. lots of sunshine on the eastern shore. saturday and sunday, it looks beautiful. mid-80s tomorrow. a chance for a shower. sunny skies saturday and sunday. comfortable. partly cloudy on monday.
11:28 pm
>> gorgeous forecast. now the rundown on what to expect in red -- late-night. >> kristin chenoweth on the program. ridiculous 911 calls. >> ryan reynolds is here. it is going to be an awesome show tonight. >> the ravens improved in several areas. a couple of receivers had good games. we will hear from them coming up next in sports.
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>> a strange game for the ravens sniper he the defense failed to allow a touchdown. often civilly, 184 more yards
11:33 pm
than the panthers. had a 34-27lina win. that can happen. the ravens defense, much better than it was a week ago. joe flacco, a huge ovation. later, a touchdown. he was not tackle. many opportunities to do so. it didn't work. 74 yards for the touchdown. carolina did not scorn offense. score onna did not
11:34 pm
offense. the other way for a touchdown. 7. yards, 14- thomas davis recovers. a heck of a game. tones 1 -- flacco, four catches. that touchdown. your final, 34-27. ravens receivers are happy about the performance. >> a great feeling. that sinceore like the last game i got her. >> too many mistakes. those will cost you. we have to fix those mistakes. they goodness this is the preseason. we have the time to work on it.
11:35 pm
we had good things that we did. we shot ourselves in the foot a little bit too much tonight. >> dresser her soul -- dress rehearsal. injury wise, maybe a concussion. that is the only one they are monitoring now. as far as what we would expect next week, starters will be done one week from tonight in st. louis. those that are battling for jobs trying to stay on the roster will have at it against the rams. with tom brady and the patriots, on the road in detroit, kind of like what we saw from the ravens. not quite as good. struggled. -- only ninets points scored.
11:36 pm
matthew stafford, over the middle. check out the final of this one. detroit the tory us, 40-9. overall results mean virtually nothing. now we know. the ravens will be kicking off the regular season in denver. that's going to be a lot of fun. one more check of the forecast coming up after this. grandma, your biscuits are the best! these are from dunkin'. granny! i have a life, you know. oh, that's for me. ooh! dunkin's new chicken biscuit sandwich is a tender breaded chicken filet on a southern-style biscuit. grab one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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a couple of showers still have to come through here. the front is still not through. to humidity levels start draw. skies clear tomorrow afternoon. lots of sunshine for the week and. low humidity. comfortable at night. it is muggy out there now. be a world-oing to class weekend. i love it. i can't wait. >> the thunderstorms stayed away from the football game. [indiscernible] >> thank you for joining us. >> the tonight show is next.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- emmy-winning actress kristin chenoweth. from the new movie "jobs,"
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josh gad. and ridiculous 911 calls. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show!" hi, guys. hi, everybody.
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hey, here's a big story. you probably heard about this. fast food workers yesterday walked off the job in seven cities all across the country in a campaign for higher wages and the right to unionize. they shut down fast food restaurants all across the country. you know what this means? life expectancy in the united states went up five years. five years. [ laughter and applause ] hey, how about this story? this is kind of cool. there's $136 million jewel heist in cannes, france. you see that? $136 million -- when did lindsay get out of rehab? [ laughter ] did she get out of rehab? is she out of rehab? you know, actually -- [ applause ] you probably know this, this is originally quoted to be a a $53 million heist. and later it went up to $136 million, when somebody obviously called the insurance company. "yeah. it $136 million. yeah." [ laughter and applause ] oh folks, last night -- [ applause ] last night on "the
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bachelorette," brooks told desiree that he didn't have it in the heart to marry her. [ audience aws ] which leads me to a new segment, entitled, "i'm embarrassed to be a guy." [ laughter ] take a look. ♪ >> we were supposed to be -- i never want to say good-bye. [ crying ] >> this testosterone-free moment has been brought to you by "the bachelorette." [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: yeah! well, some sad news. a man name garry davis, he was
11:45 pm
the leader one world movement dedicated to erasing all national borders has passed away at the age of 91. he wanted to do away with all borders between countries. his campaign was mostly unsuccessful except of course in the area between the united states and mexico. other than that -- [ laughter ] it wasn't successful. actually -- [ applause ] listen to this, listen to this. illegal, illegal border crossings in california, way down this month. especially in san diego. because people are scared they might get groped by the mayor if they come across. [ laughter ] so they don't wanna -- [ applause ] yeah. can't have that. well, i love this story. seven women have now come forward to say they've been sexually harassed by san diego mayor, bob filner. and the mayor has agreed to go into two weeks of intense rehab to help cure him -- his harassment. two weeks. it's a little known therapy group. it's called assaholics anonymous. but they try to -- [ laughter and applause ] yeah, they said --
11:46 pm
they say it's a 12-step program. here's a simple 12-step program. just stay 12 steps away from all women. okay, that's all. just 12 steps. [ applause ] oh, how is this? listen to this. how is this for audacity? the mayor has requested the city council pay his legal bills for these harassment suits. i guess he figured he already tried to screw his coworkers might as well screw the taxpayer, too. [ laughter ] you know, just another -- another one. and anyway -- [ applause ] now all the big democratic players are coming onboard. senator dianne feinstein told candy crowley the other day that she thinks that filner should resign and filner showed up at the studio. did you see this? show what happened. >> mayor bob filner, as you know a number of women have come out and said that he sexualized harassed them. >> should this man resign? >> well, i think he should. and i don't think that somebody who is lacking immoral compass
11:47 pm
or -- really supply the kind of leadership. i think he should -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: and -- things keep getting worse for anthony weiner. he dropped to fourth place in the polls. more than half the democratic primary voters say he should quit. but weiner refuses. he's not going to quit. and if you seen the photos, you know he doesn't bend easily. you know that. [ laughter ] [ audience ohs ] he doesn't -- he doesn't bend easily. ♪ i'm just telling you. [ applause ] now, one of the -- one of the big people calling for weiner to drop out is new york congressman peter king. to which weiner said, "hey, i'm the peter king." so it's -- [ laughter ] there's a little bit of a -- kind of a thing -- [ applause ] well, now the --- and according to the "new york post", the clinton's are really angry about being compared to the weiners. and rightly so. you know, bill clinton took his sexual conduct seriously.
11:48 pm
you know? huh? [ light laughter ] anthony weiner, he just phones it in, you know? you know, clinton was right there. he was involved. exactly. [ applause ] listen to this. nbc announced they're coming out with a four-hour mini series about hillary clinton. the beautiful actress diane lane will play hillary. and bill will be portrayed by ron jeremy, so it should be -- [ laughter ] it should be a fascinating -- [ applause ] hey, you see this in the paper today? the world's first test tube burger. meat made in a test tube will be served in london next week. you know, i'm no expert, but you know the british can't even cook real food properly. okay. [ laughter ] learn how to make regular then move to the fake stuff. learn how to make a real hamburger, first, please. oh hey -- this is kind of cool. [ applause ] at a zoo in italy this week, a a donkey gave birth to a
11:49 pm
a zonkey. you know what that is? a zonkey. it's a rare donkey-zebra hybrid. a zebra has sex with a a donkey -- here's the picture. here's the picture right there. that's real. yeah. [ audience aws ] and i love this part. they say they're going to do a a dna test to find out if the zebra is the father. [ laughter ] really? what's the zebra going, "hey i never saw it. i don't know what it is. i never seen that donkey in my life. it just happens to look like me." who else is the father? really? what a stupid thing that is. [ cheers and applause ] oh, the nfl training camps opened up last week. players said it's nice to be under the lights again, you know. besides the one in the interrogation rooms. you know, so it nice to have -- [ audience oohs ] [ light laughter ] hey, a new commercial claims that people who meet on are three times more likely -- one, two, three. there you go. three times more likely to end up in a relationship. in a related story people who
11:50 pm
meet someone on craigslist are five times more likely to end up in a shallow grave. yeah, it's interesting. [ laughter and applause ] and on her -- on kris jenner's new talk show, both kris and her daughter khloe admitted they both have faked orgasms during sex. [ audience oohs ] although kim has them both beat. she not only faked the orgasm, she faked the wedding, the honeymoon. the whole thing. [ laughter ] hey, do you know about this? [ applause ] "o.k." magazine reporting that kim kardashian and kanye west are planning to marry in egypt because kanye thinks that kim looks like -- what's her name, a spitting image of an ancient goddess isis. is that how you say it? >> isis. >> jay: looks like isis. you think kim looks like isis? show them. this is the actuall -- there's isis. you think kim looks like that? pull out a little bit. yeah, yeah, i think, yeah. [ laughter ] you know, i think, yeah, you
11:51 pm
know, i can see it. what do you think of this? saw this in the paper today. a company has come out with a a vibrating bicycle seat cover that they say can give you an orgasm. that's gotta be a little awkward, huh? when your wife starts dragging that mountain bike into bed with you. come on. [ laughter and applause ] [ applause ] what else -- oh, happy birthday! happy birthday. arnold schwarzenegger is 66 years old today. yes. [ cheers ] kind of an odd celebration. arnold didn't really get excited until after the party when the maids came in to clean up. then suddenly -- then the whole thing took off. we'll be back with "dealing with the public" and the beautiful kristin chenoweth. say hello to rickey minor and the tonight show band. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ temperature: 72 degrees... wow, nice. uh huh, voice -activated, and great gas mileage. better than choosing voice activated or great gas mileage.
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caramel mocha. caramel almond. caramel turtle. [ sighs ] that would've been awkward. with dunkin's caramel iced coffee flavors, there are more ways than ever to love caramel. try the new caramel coconut today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] welcome back, everybody. got a funny show for you tonight. one of the most charming and vivacious guests. when do we ever use the word vivacious. vivacious guest on "the tonight show."
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always entertaining. kristin chenoweth. kristen chenoweth is here. [ cheers and applause ] we'll talk to kristen and she's going to sing a little bit later. she's going to sing a special song about anthony weiner. [ light laughter ] you know, she's a good little girl from oklahoma so i think she's shocked by this whole anthony weiner thing. so we'll see what her song is about. also, he stars with ashton kutcher in the new movie about apple founder steve jobs. josh gad. josh gad is here as well. a terrific actor. tomorrow night, kate hudson will be here along with bob costas. later this week casey affleck and meredith vieira will drop by as well. now folks, it's time once again to check out the latest collection of real 911 phone calls, police dash cam videos and security camera footage in today's installment of, "dealing with the public." ♪ all righty. these are all real. this first 911 call. you know, they should use this as a psa to teach people what is not an emergency!
11:57 pm
how annoying to be a 911 operator and have morons like this call you. take a look. [ one rings ] >> 911, your emergency? >> yeah, could you send a a police officer up here on south 350 it's called nicks and cuts. >> what's the problem, sir? >> well, i came in here to get a haircut earlier, and i went home and i took a shower and everything, and i did my hair up and stuff and i noticed that one of my sides was way shorter than one of my other sides. [ light laughter ] >> unfortunately, that's not a a police matter. that's a civil matter. there's actually no crime that's been committed so the police can't get involved. >> well, they gave me a bad haircut. [ light laughter ] >> unfortunately there's no crime in giving a bad haircut. >> so i'm just supposed to just eat it and say, "that's it or what?" i mean, i guess i don't have any rights then. i mean, i guess they can just take my money and give me a bad haircut. >> there's nothing against the law with you not liking the your hair came out. okay. >> okay. >> okay. bye-bye. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: what is that?
11:58 pm
911 for a bad haircut. you guys would have a class action suit. exactly. [ laughter ] >> rickey: i think he's right. i mean, look at this. >> jay: all right. you know one of the hardest parts about being a police officer is dealing with people who are drunk. drunks don't make any sense. here are three seperate examples. see what i'm talking about. >> taking any medication? >> yes sir. are you diabetic? >> i'm lactose intolerant. that's it. >> you're what? >> i'm lactose intolerant. >> lactose intolerant? okay. >> how you doing today? do you have a driver's license? no, i don't want your beer. i just want your driver's license. [ laughter ] >> any problems? any physical problems? any broken bones? anything like that? >> i mean, as far as like -- >> are you disabled? do you have any problems? >> -- working hard, you know. my nerves, what do they call that not? carpenter's tunnel. [ laughter ] >> okay. [ cheers and applause ]
11:59 pm
>> yeah, got the -- i'm lactose intolerant because of my carpenter's tunnel. [ laughter ] another tough job when dealing with the public, being a clerk in a convenience store. it's a frightening job. look at what this one clerk had to deal with. look at this. a guy comes into the store. okay. he comes in. got his mom with him. there's his mom right behind him. okay. buys some doritos. okay all right. watch what he does here. suddenly, pays for it. brandishes a weapon, look at this, pulls out a gun. look at this. okay, okay. cashier opens. starts to take out the money. here comes mom. what are you doing? what are you doing? give me that gun! [ laughter ] you get back in the car! get back in the car! [ cheers and applause ] get back in the car and get your doritos. come on.


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